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Shanghai Valley is for a certain group of corporate and institutional investors only. We help you tap into high-quality startups that are traditionally only accessible to an exclusive network of people.
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Investors FAQ
Is there any program designed specifically for large global corporations looking for Chinese startups in China?
Yes, we have been approached by many large global corporations for the inquiry and have designed a Corporate Innovation Program leveraging Shanghai Valley’s existing platform and ecosystem. You can read more about our Corporate Innovation Program by clicking HERE.
How to invest and partner with startups on platform?
Anyone without registering can view all our startups’ executive summary on as it is open to public. It is not required to register as a verified investor to read the basic startup information on our online platform until you are interested in connecting with any of the startup’s team or request for more of their detailed business plans.

To move to the next steps, you would need to register as a verified investor by clicking on the red “SIGN UP” button above and would be assigned a User Name and Password for future communication when completing the application form. Our team will contact you for the approval process. Once become a verified Shanghai Valley investor, you can visit our platform, search for the companies you like, and in the page of the particular company you are interested in, you can click on the “Invest Now” button to receive more detailed company information and schedule a meeting or conference call with the company management team. You would also be assigned a Shanghai Valley account manager for further assistance.

As a verified Shanghai Valley investor, you would also be invited to our offline, private and exclusive investor roadshow to meet with our companies in person regularly. This invite-only investor roadshow is now one of the highest quality private investor events in China.

If you have questions about how to invest on or want to learn more about our investor roadshows, please Contact Us to learn more.
Is Shanghai Valley open to investors outside China?
Yes. Shanghai Valley is open to all corporate and institutional investors internationally, even if you are not located in China. In fact, we have a Corporate Innovation Program designed primarily for large global corporations that want to access to our startups in China too. You can read more about our Corporate Innovation Program by clicking HERE.

You could also be a corporate and institutional investor who has an interest in our Chinese portfolio companies or companies with China angle, utilizing distribution and/or manufacturing resources in China.
What is Shanghai Valley Investor Roadshow and how can an investor participate?
Our offline Shanghai Valley Investor Roadshow complements the online where the startups showcased on our online platform have the opportunity to present and meet with our investors in person. It is similar to an exclusive, private investor club for our registered investors to meet quarterly in Shanghai. The quality of our investor roadshows has attracted many global startups and investors to participate, and resulted in many successes in getting deals done. You can read the past roadshow examples by clicking “HERE”.

If you are interested in our next investor roadshow, please register by clicking on the red “SIGN UP” button above.
Who are the main investors in Shanghai Valley network?
With more than 600 investors in our network, most of them are corporate and institutional investors in the US, China, and Europe, and other Asian countries who are interested in high-quality startups. You can read more about how we work with other global corporate and institutional investors and organizations by clicking “HERE”.
What is the minimum investment commitment per company offering?
The minimum investment commitment may vary with investment options and across deals. Majority of investments are expected to, in many of the cases, have a minimum commitment of US$250,000 per investment per investor.
How is Shanghai Valley different from other organizations?
Shanghai Valley is the first exclusive, online and offline investment platform for corporate and institutional investors to invest and partner with global startups launched in Silicon Valley, California. We have now grown to work with companies and investors from more than 30 countries in the world through organic growth. We set out to solve the hardest problems for startups and corporate investors by building a two-sided marketplace business model. It allows our startups to access to large global corporations for strategic investment or collaboration.

Our Shanghai Valley Investor Roadshows have been praised by many investors as “one of the highest quality investor roadshows for global startups in the industry” due to the quality of startups we work with. We believe in quality as opposed to quantity and only allow a select group of startups and investors to join our network. Also, Shanghai Valley not only assists companies in fundraising but also provides them with a platform to receive market feedback and to market their products in the markets.
Who can invest on
Investment opportunities on are restricted to a certain group of qualified investors only, mostly corporate and institutional investors. You must complete a short questionnaire by clicking on the red “SIGN UP” button above that will help us assess whether you are qualified based on our internal criteria.
How do I register to be an investor on
You must complete a short questionnaire by clicking on the red “SIGN UP” button above that will help us assess whether you are qualified under current legislation where you reside.
What can I get when I invest through Shanghai Valley?
You will own the equity and/or dividends as promised by the specific company that you invest in. It varies case by case.
Why should I invest in startups through Shanghai Valley?
Our exclusive network of contacts worldwide and streamlined due diligence process helps you tap into investment opportunities that were previously inaccessible, and saves you time for the search. Our online and offline platform also gives you quick, secure communication tools to access, manage, and speed up the investment cycle and search for quality investment opportunities remotely.
What are the risks of investing in startups in general?
Investments in startups are subject to significant risks of illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment value and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Investors should also carefully review their own financial situation and the risks described in the deal offering documents prior to making an investment. Please refer to more detailed risk warning.
What is diversification and how does it reduce some of the risk of investing in startups through Shanghai Valley?
Investors should deploy a diversification strategy (i.e. an investment portfolio) when making investments. Diversification means spreading your money and make multiple investments, which will help you reduce the overall risks and cushion losses. However, it will not lessen all of risks.
Where can I find further information about startups showcased on
The more detailed company profile will only be visible for certain group of Shanghai Valley registered investors with the company’s permission. The profile will typically describe the underlying business in-depth, company financial statement, detailed product descriptions, and other progress updates from the company’s management team.
Am I able to ask the company management team questions about their business?
Yes, absolutely. For Shanghai Valley investors, we may set up in-person meetings, investor roadshows, or video conferencing calls before you make any investment decisions.
After I invest, how do I keep updated on the status of the startup?
Each startup will set the type and frequency of information its management agrees to provide. The companies are responsible for the fulfillment of such information reporting requirements on a minimum quarterly basis. Shanghai Valley will not be responsible for the communication details between investors and company management team.