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Our Mission:
Shanghai Valley’s mission is to help global entrepreneurs successfully enter the Chinese market or utilize resources and capital in China to grow in the international markets. These entrepreneurs will receive one of the best entrepreneurship training and exposure to global resources with a focus on Chinese markets.
The program itself will take place in Shanghai on the grounds of a private, exquisite compound in the city where participants will live, work, and undergo an intense and fulfilling 2-week session that will introduce them to the business practices and local connections necessary to succeed in China.
At the end of the two-week program, program participants will have the chance to pitch their ideas to the local and international investors, entrepreneurs, and government officials at Shanghai Valley Demo Day. Certain teams may then be offered the opportunity to enter a customized incubation program with Shanghai Valley and its partners to grow their business or branch in China, as well as long-term partnerships and joint ventures for further growth.
Who should apply?
Shanghai Valley aims to give international entrepreneurs and startups the tools and resources they need in China to globalize their businesses. Teams or individuals with ANY of the following criteria should consider applying to this program:

  • Companies with a proven track record, e.g. successful in home market and now with an appetite to enter the Chinese market OR startups with a clear China strategy from the outset.
  • A strong desire to utilize resources and capital from China BUT to grow in the global markets.
  • Strong management teams and one of the founders should be able to join the 2-week program full time.
  • Well funded companies who have the financial resources to enter China or who are in a position to seek investment for such a strategy.
Expected Program Results
  • Relationship building with local partners and investors
  • Understanding of China’s legal system, business environment, government relationships, and HR issue, etc.
  • Learning of government’s incentive program for foreign companies
  • Peer-to-Peer learning experience with entrepreneurs and executives from China, the US, and other parts of the world who have successfully made it in China
  • Exposure to local investors, companies and public authorities to understand their interest in investment and/or partnerships
  • Draft go-to-market business plan ready and validated by local and global mentors
Program Highlights
Shanghai Valley’s RIGOROUS two-week accelerator program to help entrepreneurs thrive in the Chinese market.

Tentative schedule:

  • Invite only welcome reception at Shanghai Valley’s house with keynote speaker.
  • Revise and practice your pitch with Shanghai Valley’s mentors to prepare for demo day.
  • Interactive discussion with Stanford Professor, Tom Kosnik on how to bring delight to your customer, and going global.
  • Get out of the building and understand your customers’ problem and what their needs are.
  • Determine your go to market strategy with our board of advisors and mentors.
  • Learn from Mentors and CEO’s in China on how they launched a successful start up in China.
  • Guest Speaker unveils his strategy on how to raise local investment and be successful.
  • Meet with local Human Resource experts at their respective companies.
  • Receive private sessions with local legal experts.
  • Attend networking dinners and gatherings at Shanghai Valley
  • Visit local companies.
  • Get Funded – Pitch your company at Demo Day to local and global investors, mentors, and government officials.
  • Draft go-to-market business plan ready and validated by local and global mentors
Our Network
Shanghai Valley is an accelerator program customized for our participants. Each program participant will be supported by an individually tailored selection of local venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, and global mentors that are part of successful ventures globally. We are in the process of selecting mentors for our companies. Please check back soon to see our mentors!

Here is a partial list of our previous mentors for our recent event:

Weiguang Yao
Dow Chemical – Head of R&D for Asia
William Bao Bean
Managing Director of Singtel Innov8 Investment Fund
Martin Kelley
Partner,IBM Venture Capital Group
Jonathan Liu
Manager, Global Entrepreneur Program, IBM Software Group
Carsten Klobek
Partner of StartupBootCamp & Rainmaking
Leo Liu
Head of DSM Venture Investment China
Steve Mushero
Former CTO of Tudou.
Current Founder & CEO of ChinaNetCloud
Ying Wang
VP of Northern Light Venture Capital
Ken Chang
Founder of Minfon Group
Barbara Scheel
Executive Director for Innovation Center Denmark in Shanghai
Tian Yu
Professor at Tsinghua University
Incubation Program
Shanghai Valley is also developing an incubation program for graduates of the two-week program who have demonstrated outstanding potential and suitability to the Chinese market.
After the two week program, certain teams may be offered the opportunity to enter a customized incubation program with Shanghai Valley and its partners to grow their business or branch in China for approximately six months.