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Corporate Innovation Program
The mission of the Shanghai Valley Corporate Innovation program is to catalyze innovation in large global corporations and to provide them with exposure to our ecosystem and access to qualified and strategically aligned early-and-growth stage startups in China and worldwide by building their own long-lasting corporate innovation brand for the startup community.

As the leading exclusive, online and offline corporate investment platform launched in Silicon Valley, California, has built an ecosystem of high-quality startups and institutional investors worldwide. Therefore, our Corporate Innovation program leverages’s existing ecosystem and channels to help our corporate partners worldwide to SYSTEMATICALLY connect to the startups that can directly impact their business and technology goals.

We empower global corporations by building their own customized innovation program brands in the startup community and by pinpointing their business challenges and matching these directly to startups with the right solutions. We work with corporations for customized programs ranging from one-day exclusive investor forums to months-long internal acceleration and incubation programs targeting global markets.

Our work is so much more than startup sourcing; we work with global corporations across the world to establish and grow their own self-sustaining innovation ecosystems.

Who should join?
Large global corporations with the goals of connecting to high quality startups for the purposes of investment, partnership, co-innovation, buyout, and market research should apply for our Program. Our corporate innovation programs are built to connect corporate partners with their counterparts in China and worldwide to address industry-wide challenges together.

It is no wonder that many global corporations such as BP Castrol from the UK, Volvo Cars from Sweden, P&G and Honeywell from the US, and many other well-known Fortune 500 companies have reached out to Shanghai Valley for collaboration.

Our Network
There are more than 6000 startup-related contacts in our network, including investors, startups, universities, fund managers, and service providers. In addition, our network consists of more than 600 global institutional investors, such as VCs, Corporate Investors, and Family Offices, that are active members on our platform.

For more information about the Shanghai Valley Corporate Innovation program, please Contact Us.