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Shanghai Valley investment platform does more than fundraising. Our strategic corporate and institutional investors could help you grow in the local markets.
For Startups
We Are Looking For Startups That Need More Than $2,000,000 And/Or Fit Into The Following Criteria
  • Must have at least a product. Startups with market traction and revenue preferred
  • Healthcare, internet of things, consumer technology, hardware, artificial intelligence, consumer goods, and auto-related, etc.
  • Companies that are ready to distribute their products or services
  • Solid team with experience in the industry

Entreprenuer FAQ
How is Shanghai Valley different from other fundraising platforms?
Shanghai Valley is the first exclusive, online and offline investment platform for corporate and institutional investors to invest and partner with global startups launched in Silicon Valley, California. We have now grown to work with companies and investors from more than 40 countries in the world through organic growth. We set out to solve the hardest problems for startups and corporate investors by building a two-sided marketplace business model. It allows our startups to access to large global corporations for strategic investment or collaboration.

Our Shanghai Valley Investor Roadshows have been praised by many investors as “one of the highest quality investor roadshows for global startups in the industry” due to the quality of startups we work with. We believe in quality as opposed to quantity and only allow a select group of startups and investors to join our network. Also, Shanghai Valley not only assists companies in fundraising but also provides them with a platform to receive market feedback and to market their products in the markets.
What is Shanghai Valley Investor Roadshow and how can a startup participate?
Our offline Shanghai Valley Investor Roadshow complements the online where the startups showcased on our online platform have the opportunity to present and meet with our corporate investors in person. It is similar to an exclusive, private investor club for our investors to meet and interact. The quality of our investor roadshows has attracted many global startups and investors to participate, and resulted in many successes in getting deals done. You can read the past roadshow examples by clicking “HERE”.

If you are interested in our platform, please submit your company’s executive summary and a short questionnaire by clicking on the red “APPLY” button above. All startups being selected on our online platform have the option to participate in the investor roadshows too.
Is there a maximum and minimum fundraising amount for a startup?
The minimum fundraising amount is $2,000,000. There is no maximum amount that can be invested in a startup.
How can a startup join Shanghai Valley?
Startups on Shanghai Valley are restricted to an exclusive group of exceptional companies only. You must submit your company’s executive summary and a short questionnaire by clicking on the red “APPLY” button above, and our selection committee will review and assess whether your company is qualified. We will then inform you for the next steps.
Who are the main investors in Shanghai Valley network?
With more than 600 investors in our network, most of them are corporate and institutional investors in the US, China, and Europe, and other Asian countries who are interested in high-quality startups. You can read more about how we work with other global corporate and institutional investors and organizations by clicking “HERE”.
Can startups edit company offerings after posting their company profile on our platform?
Company offerings can be edited and updated, however all amendments do need to be passed through the Shanghai Valley team to ensure they are in line with the initial proposition.
Can startups end their company offerings early?
Yes, if a startup wishes to cancel a company offering, please contact us and we will cancel it for you based on the terms and conditions agreed.
How do startups receive their capital raised?
Once the capital is raised, our legal partners can assist the successful startup to complete the remaining process. Once the paperwork and legal documentation is completed, the money will be transferred to the company’s bank account and investors will get their investment confirmations and equity. Some fees may be charged by the third parties.